Meet Our Company

Over the two decades or more of iTheatre productions, the company has included many talented people. You can read more about our actors, actresses, directors and crew members below.

Photo of Joshua Ambrose

Joshua Ambrose

Photo of Torey Anderson

Torey Anderson

Photo of Matravius Avent

Matravius Avent

Photo of Alaina Beauloye

Alaina Beauloye

Photo of Daniel  Berrigan

Daniel Berrigan

Photo of Christian Boden

Christian Boden

Photo of Elizabeth Broeder

Elizabeth Broeder

Michelle Kholos Brooks

Photo of T.A. Burrows

T.A. Burrows

Photo of Bill Chameides

Bill Chameides

Photo of Makala Close

Makala Close

Photo of Cae Collmar

Cae Collmar

Photo of Duane Daniels

Duane Daniels

Photo of Sydney Davis

Sydney Davis

Photo of Jeff DiDomenico

Jeff DiDomenico

Photo of Trisha Ditsworth

Trisha Ditsworth

Photo of Laura Durant

Laura Durant

Photo of Christine Engle

Christine Engle

Photo of Mitch Etter

Mitch Etter

Photo of Zachary Fagan

Zachary Fagan

Photo of Larissa FastHorse

Larissa FastHorse

Photo of Marlene Galan-Woods

Marlene Galan-Woods

Thomas Gibbons

Dolores Goldsmith

Bruce Graham

Photo of De Angelus Grisby

De Angelus Grisby

Photo of Miranda Gross

Miranda Gross

Photo of Christopher Haines

Christopher Haines

Photo of Rapheal Hamilton

Rapheal Hamilton

Photo of Michael Hanelin

Michael Hanelin

Photo of Kyle  Hartwick

Kyle Hartwick

Joshua "TJ" Heath

Photo of Phillip Herrington

Phillip Herrington

Photo of Scott Hyder

Scott Hyder

Photo of Todd Michael Issac

Todd Michael Issac

Photo of Miguel Jackson

Miguel Jackson

Photo of Ryan L.  Jenkins

Ryan L. Jenkins

Photo of Carrie Ellen Jones

Carrie Ellen Jones

Photo of Johnny Kalita

Johnny Kalita

Photo of Toni Kallen

Toni Kallen

Photo of Jeff Kennedy

Jeff Kennedy

Photo of Jason Ketner

Jason Ketner

Photo of Josh Kontak

Josh Kontak

Photo of Sebastian Kunnappilly

Sebastian Kunnappilly

Photo of Matt Madonna

Matt Madonna

Hussein Mohamed

Photo of Emily Mohney

Emily Mohney

Photo of Xavier Morris

Xavier Jacob Morris

Photo of Emily Mulligan-Ferry

Emily Mulligan-Ferry

Photo of Jacob Nichols

Jacob Nichols

Photo of Antoinette Nwandu

Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu

Photo of Glenn Parker

Glenn Parker

Photo of Walt Pedano

Walt Pedano

Photo of Lucy Prebble

Lucy Prebble

Photo of David Rice

David W. Rice

Photo of Judy Rollings

Judy Rollings

Photo of Robert  Schenkkan

Robert Schenkkan

Photo of Terri Scullin

Terri Scullin

Photo of Super Smack

Super Smack

Photo of Charles St. Clair

Charles St. Clair

Photo of Hayla Stewart

Hayla Stewart

Photo of Stacie Stocker

Stacie Stocker

Photo of Victoria Stokes

Victoria Stokes

Photo of Jeffrey Sweet

Jeffrey Sweet

Photo of Brian Sweis

Brian E. Sweis

Photo of Kathleen Tate

Kathleen Tate

Photo of Julia Thomson

Julia Thomson

Photo of Mike Traylor

Mike Traylor

Photo of Adam Vargas

Adam Vargas

Anna Ziegler