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Adam Vargas

Adam is once again super-excited to be putting you in that Christmas mood with Jeff Kennedy and the gang!  He wishes you everything awesome this holiday season!  Thank YOU, the audience, for supporting iTheatre Collaborative and the arts!  Many thanks to Jeff, Chris & Rosie!  Much love to Mom, Dad, Vanessa, Matt & Ron! 



Give Me Christmas!

Before you go forgetting old acquaintances, don’t forget about iTheatre’s annual Holiday Cabaret. You remember our Cabaret: Jeff Kennedy, a grand piano, some of the Valley’s most talented singers and artists, and our signature Cabaret-style seating with plenty of cheer to go around not to mention brownies. Often duplicated but never replicated, Jeff Kennedy’s Holiday Cabaret is a tune-filled celebration of the season a year in the making and only in the style of iTheatre Collaborative.

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