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Carrie Ellen Jones

Carrie Ellen is delighted to be experiencing her first iTC project with such an important script and amazing cast. While it is her first time on the ASU West stage she is enjoying a return to the Kax theatre where she was part of Class 6's inaugural season in 2010 (Sure Thing). A few of Carrie's favorite credits include Sister Rita (Runner Stumbles), Ann (All My Sons), Mollie (Mousetrap), Kat (Mom's Gift) and Sally (Talley's Folly). While her work on stage has garnished Carrie multiple ariZoni nominations and provided wonderful opportunities to grow in the art of theatre, it is her real-life roles that keep her busiest and most proud – wife of Shawn, mom to four, kindergarten teacher, auntie, daughter, sister and friend. She thanks Charles and Chris for this great opportunity and dedicates these performances to her favorite artist, daughter – Makya. 



Permanent Collection

Soon after African-American businessman Sterling North becomes the new director of the Morris Foundation, he discovers that this world-famous art collection includes several significant African sculptures tucked away in storage. His proposal to add them to the public galleries is opposed by the foundation's long-time education director, who is loyal to the idiosyncratic wishes of the late Dr. Morris. Spurred on by a zealous local journalist, this clash quickly escalates to public accusations of racism and a bitter struggle for control of the collection. “Permanent Collection” is a searing examination of racial politics that ultimately asks how much space -- literally and figuratively -- the white world gives to African-Americans. What is the cost of failing to view the world through another's eyes?

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