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Christine Engle

Christine was literally born into the world of performance. Having musical parents, she would perform ballet while her parents played in the orchestra. She studied ballet for 20 years, Including the Houston ballet. Evolving her passion for singing and dancing she studied theater performance and technical theater in college. She has been in many plays but became very skilled as a lighting technician and is also an accomplished Carpenter. She has worked with many local theater companies assisting in costuming, theatrical makeup, sound engineering, and rigging! She is also a licensed cosmetologist. She is thrilled to be back on stage and feels very blessed to have this opportunity!



The Trial of the Catonsville Nine

Fifty years ago nine people, including two Catholic priests, entered the Selective Service office in Catonsville, MD and removed 378 draft cards and burned them in the parking lot with homemade napalm to protest the war in Vietnam. Based on the trial transcripts, the play delves into the moral and religious motives of the nine, and why "the burning of paper not children."

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