An article about Marlene Galan-Woods

Marlene Galan-Woods

Marlene is delighted to be working again with the artists at iTheatre Collaborative. The role of Sarah Whitmore in Church And State staged by iTheatre last spring was one of the most important roles Marlene’s had the privilege of tackling. Marlene is a story teller at heart. She had a 20-year career as a broadcast journalist and now is grateful to give her full attention to acting. She is grateful to work on stage in Phoenix and in Los Angeles. Marlene wants to thank her coach in Phoenix Brandy Hotchner for giving her the courage “not to act”. And immense gratitude goes to her Los Angeles coach Larry Moss who made her realize that art is not only a worthy pursuit but a responsibility to humanity. Endless thanks to her family especially her daughter Ava who lets Mom be absent every now and then when she’s doing her “acting thing” and love beyond measure to her best friend, her husband, Grant Woods who supports her every endeavor.




Based on the true events of 1979 when students in Tehran took over the American Embassy. The mother of the youngest hostage, a 19 year-old Marine, flew to Tehran in the hope of being allowed to see her son. The play imagines what happened when mother and son were reunited, and the consequences the mother faced when she returned home and was suddenly suspect in her own country. Never doubt the ferocity of a mother’s love.

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