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Michael Hanelin

Michael brims with excitement over working with iTC for the first time! In Rabbit Hole (directed by Stacie Stocker), he played Howie, which was his most recent role since playing off-off-Broadway, many-many-moons ago. He has appeared in national commercials as well as feature films such as “Dead in 5 Heartbeats,” “The Men Who Robbed the Bank,” “Duel at the Mound” as well as the eventually-to-be-released “Grief.” Michael began his training with Marla Finn and the late Peter Stelzer (Emmy winning producer of “Miss Evers’ Boys”) at the Phoenix Film Institute. He has also studied at Second City in Hollywood. Michael would like to thank Sophie for her unwavering support.



The Effect

Hearts racing. Minds reeling. Knees buckling. Connie and Tristan have palpable chemistry—or is it a side effect of a new antidepressant? They are volunteers in a clinical trial, but their sudden and illicit romance forces the supervising doctors to face off over the ethical consequences of their work. The Effect takes on our pill-popping culture with humor and scintillating drama.

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