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Miguel is SOOO excited to be back with these incredible singers!! They're all such incredible people, that I jumped at the chance to be involved again. We've put in the work, so sit back and be prepared to laugh, (maybe) cry, and get that holly jolly feeling that is crucial at this time of year! A lot has happened for me in these last few years, and I don't want to spoil some of those surprises. Let's save it for the SHOW! But I've been truly blessed, despite some ups and downs, and I'm looking forward to being able to help you ring in the holidays with gorgeous songs, fabulous singers, amazing arrangements, a vintage venue with a subtle TWIST… A few people to thank, if you would indulge me: Jeff Kennedy, thank you for the gift of your friendship. You've helped to build my voice and my life in countless ways. I owe you more than I could ever repay you. Thank you for the gift that this Christmas Cabaret has been to my life. Thank you for the numerous times I have been able to share a stage with you. iTheatre (Chris and Rosie et al), thank you for your continued commitment to pushing the envelope and to being a company that challenges local artists AND audiences. You're both such amazing people and I've been blessed to get to spend these years with you both. To my Castmates: Terri Scullin, Brian Sweis, Lisa Fogel, Adam Vargas, Trisha Ditsworth, Matravius Avent. I have been on stage with you all, so many times, in so many ways. This show has meant a lot to me, and to have us all together again, is a Christmas miracle I know is incoming. I have loved getting to know you all and continue to be excited by what is in store for you all. I marvel at the level of talent in this group and am excited for others to enjoy it also. You know it's good when we're feeling it from the first rehearsal!! And it felt amazing, because you all are amazing. Thank you for letting me be a part. Katrina Jackson, you're my everything. To think after doing that show "It's Only Life” in 2009 (music directed by ??? JEFF KENNEDY!!!), we would end up here all these years later. I can't believe how lucky I am. Thank you for loving the real, raw me. The "I stayed up till 4am playing VR again” moments. The "You and I both have to go work on different cruise ships, so we wont see each other for the next 3 months straight” moments. I couldn't do what I do without your love and your support. I can only spend the rest of my life making more moments with you. Willow Jackson, I told Mommy she was my everything. You know who else shares that spot with Mommy? Our daughter Willow. You're only 9 months, but it's been the joy of my life to watch you start to grow and become a little person. One of Daddy's many wishes for you, is that in whatever career you choose, you get a chance to know what it is like to work with people that you both love AND that are incredible at what you all do together. I apologize for this wall of text. This is why you never give an actor no restriction on bio length. You get a early in the career oscar speech draft for goodness sake.



An article about Give Me Christmas!

Give Me Christmas!

Before you go forgetting old acquaintances, don’t forget about iTheatre’s annual Holiday Cabaret. You remember our Cabaret: Jeff Kennedy, a grand piano, some of the Valley’s most talented singers and artists, and our signature Cabaret-style seating with plenty of cheer to go around not to mention brownies. Often duplicated but never replicated, Jeff Kennedy’s Holiday Cabaret is a tune-filled celebration of the season a year in the making and only in the style of iTheatre Collaborative.

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An article about Celebrate Me Home: A Christmas Cabaret with Jeff Kennedy & Friends

Celebrate Me Home: A Christmas Cabaret with Jeff Kennedy & Friends

Yes, it's back! It seems Christmas was almost cancelled last year because we were not able to do our annual Cabaret with Jeff Kennedy. So get your shopping done early and buy your tickets even earlier because iTheatre’s Christmas Cabaret will get you ready to celebrate the Holidays.

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