The Curtain Falls on iTheatre

iTheatre Collaborative produced distinctive theatre that cultivated the visceral, innervating and divergent experiences intrinsic to live performances.

The unexpected death of Christopher William Haines, co-founder and artistic director of iTheatre, Collaborative has left an everlasting loss to the Phoenix art community and to his loving family and friends.

For the past 20 years, Christopher Haines' mission successfully produced live theatrical plays in Phoenix and nationally that were of the highest professional quality. They were of a diverse and multicultural nature and continued to collaborate with universities, providing classes, workshops for the general public.

As iTheatre moves forward, our goal will be to promote the idea that for all our uniqueness and individuality, we are, first and foremost, HUMAN BEINGS.

Christopher William Haines, you are deeply loved and missed.

Special Thanks

Thank you to all our patrons for supporting iTheatre Collaborative.

Thank you to our board of directors: Gale and Mike Gibson, Robert Severence, Dolores Goldsmith, Lucy Payjack.

Thank you also to Scott Hummel, Greg Lutz, Charles St. Clair, Makala Close-Haines, Sydney Davis, Tami Updegraff, Judy Rollins, and a special thanks to Ewall Kraznipolski.

I'd also like to thank Billie Joe and Judd Herberger, Mark Mettes (Herberger Theater Center), the Arizona Commission of the Arts, Phoenix Art and Culture, and the Virginia G. Piper Foundation.

A special thank you to all the local actors, directors, designers, and tech artists who contributed to every iTheatre show to made it a success.

iTheatre Collaborative hopes to see all of you in the future and continue to move forward with our mission.

— Rosemary Close