Director's Corner

Well, it’s July. It’s hot. And we’re waiting for the next haboob to hit. For us at iTheatre, we are hunkered down in the iTC Command Center planning Season #13. Yes, you read that right, our 13th Season. And what a dozy of a season.

First off, we scored “Grounded.” This play just closed at The Public starring Anne Hathaway, and rumors are that it may move to Broadway. But not before iTheatre has a crack at it. This play is a one-woman show about an Air Force fighter pilot who has a baby. When she returns from leave, she is grounded by the Air Force and stationed in a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas flying Predator drones in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is a harrowing examination of our country’s drone program and the real costs of war. I wish I could tell you who the one-woman is, but we have auditions on July 13th. So check back in a couple of weeks.

I was drawn to this show mostly because of the subject matter. Our drone program is drawing more and more attention and it is not all good. While the idea of a drone going into combat instead of a human, sounds like a good idea, there is still a human being "driving" that drone. And in war there is always a price to be paid. Also, this play is beautifully written (by George Brant) and is more poetry than prose.

Next up, for this spot will be the second show in our season. Currently it is “Port Authority,” but that might be changing. How’s that for a teaser?

— iTC Artistic Director Christopher Haines