First Person Singular (I, me, my, mine and myself)

Our 17th Season

This season is one of individuals. Individual voices and perspectives, thus the title of this post, "First Person Singular." Such as the two individuals in our first play, Actually by Anna Ziegler opening September 6th. It is about the perspective of a boy and of a girl, in college and all of the exigencies that come with being in college. Next comes Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women opening October 18th, which is really about one woman but at three different ages and periods of her life. We start the New Year with Kunstler by Jeffrey Sweet. In this play is the point of view of the radical attorney, William Kunstler, attorney for the Chicago Seven, the Catonsville Nine (remember last season?), inmates from the Attica Riots, Native Americans from Wounded Knee, etc. And finally, we wrap up Season 17 in March/April with the one-women show I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat with Sue Mengers by John Logan. True story, Sue was THE talent agent to the stars back in the 60’s and 70’s, but by the early 80s they were leaving her for the big corporate agencies. Think Sue has a perspective and is a little bitter, a little pissed off? You bet, and she is going to dish all the dirt.

So "First Person Singular," it’s about point of view: it’s about perspective. And after 16 seasons, going into 17, that’s what iTheatre Collaborative is up to. See you at the theater!

iTheatre Collaborative is a Resident Company of the Kax Stage at the Herberger. Click on the links above for more info on each of our shows this season.

— iTC Artistic Director Christopher Haines

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