Season 19 is Finally Here!

So I have been trying to write this for quite some time. Always starting, then stopping. Deleting what I started. Starting over. What do you say after a year and a half of not saying anything? In some ways, I am relearning how to express and do my work. I know there will be stumbles along the way, but stumbles are better than nothing at all. So without further ado, I am here to announce our first play since January of 2020. It is "The Thanksgiving Play" by Larissa Fasthorse. I first met Larissa, who is Sicangu of the Lakota Nation, in 2018 at a TCG conference in New York. I immediately became a fan. This play, "The Thanksgiving Play," had just come out, and I knew we needed to do it here. And we were, plans were already made, but then "it" happened, which meant nothing else could happen. Now, we hope the storm clouds are receding and maybe that is the Sun starting to peek out. "The Thanksgiving Play" is the most biting satire of our current "woke" society, I have ever read. Imagine, if you will, four well-intentioned white people trying to write a play for children about Thanksgiving and trying to be respectful of Native Americans and the true history behind the fairytale we’ve all been told. We open November 5, just in time for Thanksgiving. You'll probably have to wear your mask and be vaccinated (What's good enough for Broadway is good enough for us). We hope you will venture out to join us in the Kax. And, we may just have a surprise Christmas present for all you fans of iTheatre.

— iTC Artistic Director Christopher Haines

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