Join Us in Celebrating our 20th Season!

director's chair

— Christopher Haines
iTC Artistic Director

Here's a landmark: we are about to start our 20th Season. Where has the time gone? It's staggering to think I was 33 years old when Rosie and I started this little company writing our aspirations for it on cocktail napkins. 74 different shows later we embark on Season 20.

First up, Sept. 9-24, is Ideation, a comedic thriller written in 2013 that is strangely prescient by Aaron Loeb. A group of ideating corporate consultants is tasked with how to mitigate a deadly virus that will kill up to a million people. What to do with all those bodies and not cause mass panic?

Next, Jan. 25-Feb. 4, is Cordelia Lynn's Lela and Co.. Essentially, this is a one-woman play, as Lela recounts her harrowing journey of being a child bride, sex trafficked in a foreign country, her escape, and return to her homeland. One other actor portrays all the men in her life that caused her misery. It's a gut-wrenching tour de force.

Finally, March 24-April 8, David Ives' Venus in Fur is hilarious romp through the S&M world. A playwright is holding auditions for his new play, based on the book, when in walks Vanda who takes over the audition and the playwright.

That's the season. I hope you’ll come see. Tickets are on sale now. Watch this space!

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iTheatre Collaborative will produce distinctive theatre that cultivates the visceral, innervating and divergent experiences intrinsic to live performance. Our mission is to bring to the Phoenix community live theatrical plays for the general public that are: affordable, of the highest professional quality, and of a diverse and/or multicultural nature, and to provide classes, workshops and forums on theater and performance for the general public. Through these activities iTheatre Collaborative will promote the idea that for all our uniqueness and individuality, we are, first and foremost, human beings.

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iTheatre Collaborative will produce and cultivate theatrical experiences that capture and galvanize our local community building a national reputation for imagination, innovation and inclusion.

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